Branch Events

Fighters Practice:

Rapier (period fencing) and Heavy (armored) fighters practice will be held indoors for the remainder of the Fall/Winter. 

Contact the Master of Stables (martial activities coordinator) with questions: Seamus de Mantel –

*Practice locations and cancellations will be posted on the official College of Lyonsmarche, SCA Inc. Facebook Page:

College of Lyonsmarche Council Meeting:

This is a business/council meeting which is held monthly to discuss finances, plan and recap on group events and gatherings, and discuss other group business.  This meeting traditionally occurs on the second Wednesday of the month (with some exceptions due to holidays).  Meeting “events” are created through the College of Lyonsmarche, SCA Inc. Facebook Page with details on time and location.

Visit this site for information about other events occurring within the Kingdom of An Tir!